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Assessment is not enough, you need extensive engineering experiences to establish proper improvement solutions. ISCN has specialised in solving SPICE by innovative, time saving and cost effective solutions. We have collected experiences in over 700 industry reports and have developed expertise in specific fields which show a synergy between both, innovative engineering practices and SPICE.

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Assessments, Consulting, Trainings and Tools

In collaboration with different expert task forces ISCN has developed in the last 22 years...

  • Methods and training for Innovation Management
  • Methods and training for EU Project Management
  • Methods and training for ISO 15504 / SPICE © Assessments
       -  for Automotive
       -  for Safety
       -  for Medical Device Industry
  • Methods and training for Team Work Competencies
  • Methods and training for Improvement Planning


Assessor Trainings

ISCN is an iNTACS™ accredited training provider and offers trainings for

Trainings for your success. More...



The ISCN Group can refer to 22 years´experience in industry and is represented in Austria, Ireland, France, Netherlands and Germany.





Functional Safety and Quality Related Training

ISCN is an ECQA certified training provider for the ECQA certified Functional Safety Manager / Engineer. This course was developed in cooperation with leading Tier 1 in Automotive (Continental Automotive, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, HELLA, Elektrobit, KTM Motorsport, etc. - members of SOQRATES group) as trial partners and reviewers and developed case studies to treach how a functional safety case and design can be done in practice. This project was supported by the EU in the LLP project SafEUr. SafEUr has been nominated by the EU as a best practice in the EU LPP program.

 References (some selected courses to demonstrate)

Team Based Assessment Portals/Tools

We have developed a Web based Assessment Tool, the Capability Adviser, which supports Automotive SPICE© and ISO 15504 team assessments over the Intra-/Internet, creates profiles, Assessment Reports and integrates Learning Management Systems to distribute already established best practices in the company. This Web Assessment Tool is an independent solution for assessment portals, which have been installed and used by major automotive and engineering companies to manage a knowledge system based assessment strategy across the organisation. Assessment portals have been configured for

  • ISO 15504 (English / German)
  • Automotive SPICE © (English / German)
  • Functional Safety and Automotive SPICE Combined (ISO 26262 and IEC 61508) (English)

Capability Adviser - Assessment Tool Supporting Assessor Team Views/Work More...


Assessment Teams

Different assessment teams are coached by Dr Richard Messnarz, who has been active as assessor since 1991 (BOOTSTRAP, SPICE, Automotive SPICE ©). In the ISCN team two principal assessors, one competent assessor and two provisional assessors are involved. In a strategy resource agreement with partners of ISCN a larger pool of assessors can jointly be used.

Through the different research and knowledge partnerships we are able to create multinational and multi competent consulting teams since 1994.

The ISCN Group can refer to 22 years of experience in industry and is represented in Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Netherlands, and more. More...


Software Engineering Book

Get Connected to Task Forces of Leading Companies.

ISCN can give you exclusive access to enter communities and share knowledge because of moderating task forces of leading companies, European knowledge networks and strategy initiatives in the European.

ISCN moderates and coordinates...

  • SOQRATES: a German initiative, where 23 leading Germany companies share knowledge concerning systems design, testing, requirements management and safety (A-Safety SPICE, IEC 61508);
  • EuroSPI: the European Systems and Software Process Improvement and Innovation
  • ECQA: the European Certificates and Qualification Association


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