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Functional Safety Manager Training at ZKW LIght Systems, Wieselburg, Austria, 16.-17.11.2017

ISCN is an ECQA Certified Training Body for Functional Safety Manager and Engineer. ISCN is a supplier of ZKW and the safety engineers of the site in Wieselburg have attended the course and successfully achieved ECQA certification.

The course is based on a cooperation of ISCN with major Tier 1 (ZF, Continental, Elektrobit, HELLA, AVL, etc.) where customers can select their own example and walk through a set of exercises to learn how to implement design scenarios for functional safety. The EU project SafEUr (2012 - 2014) developed in cooperation with the Tier 1 a safety training that teaches design patterns. It is not enough to know the safety norm clauses but to know how to really implement this. Meanwhile ZF and AVL have inhouse certified trainers and teach the same material with own trainers inhouse.

Also manufacturers like KTM Motorsport, ZKW Light Systems, and major Automotive electronic suppliers like RENESAS (processors etc.), TDK/EPCOS (intelligent sensors etc.), TTTech (Real Time Ethernet in cars), etc. have trained safety managers / engineers based on this ECQA certified safety design patterns based course.

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