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EU BLUEPRINT AUTOMOTIVE Project Drives Kick Off, 1.-2.3.2018

ISCN is work package leader in the EU BLUEPRINT project DRIVES (2018 - 2021). There is only one BLUEPRINT in the EU for each sector and the steering committee has ACEA (association of all Automotive manufacturers) and CLEPA (association of all Automotive suppliers) and GEAR 2030 strategy panel in the EU in the project steering committee. The project aims to look at the future car industry at e.g. 2030 and pro-actively builds education and competence programs (60 qualifications) that will support engineers education for future car development.

This includes new qualifications needed for industry 4.0, agile, safety, networked infrastructure, new electric powertrain, etc.

The work package led by ISCN (who is a founder of ECQA - European Certification and Qualification Association) to support in setting up skills definitions and training programs in ECQA system or other systems. The program is open to many certifiers in Europe but must in futire follow a EU BLUEPRING label / certification. 

We are grateful for the EU support within the Ersamus+ program.

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