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InnoTEACH International Conference, University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria, 29.6.2018

Slovenia, Austria and especially Hungary are lagging behind most developed economies in innovation and economic results. One of the important obstacles is the educational system which has not yet adapted to the needs of the modern society. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (CI&E) are crucial competences that cannot be taught in a simple manner. The project aim is to trigger different way of thinking in primary schools and to show that creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship is crucial for success - anywhere; in all subjects, in daily situations in school, in real life challenges, and to teach participants how to do that in practice.

76 teachers were trained as mentors who can further train teachers. Also innovation teaching was done in Hungary, Austria and Slovenia
and sschool projects were presented at the InnoTEACH conference.

You can find the program here.

Innoteach ConferenceInnoteach Conference

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