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BIFOC Alps - Participation in a Panel for the Future in Factories, 31.5.2018

Dr Messnarz from ISCN was invited to the Factories of the Future (FuF) panel at the Interreg conference which addresses the automation of production in the alpine regions such as Slovenia, Austria, and Northern Italy. Representatives from the ministry of science of Slovenia also participated in the panel. The conference was part of a bigger management conference MIC 2018, where USA, Russia and Europe cooperate in financial management strategies.

Program of the BIFOC Alps Event as part of MIC 2018

BIFOCAlps Project

Dr Messnarz presented also the EU Blueprint project DRIVES which under the leadership of ACEA and CLEPA develops the future skils strateges for the car industry in Europe for 2030. ISCN is in DRIVES one of the six WP leaders.

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