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EuroSPI and EuroAsiaSPI 2019, 18.-20.9.2019, Edinburgh, UK (Scotland)

EuroSPI 2019 took place this year in Edinburgh, 18 - 20 September 2019. We had 117 attendees and thematic 10 workshops and research sessions over 3 days.  Some achievements made are:

  • The SPRINGER book is online and the books had so far some 360000 (three hundred sixty thousand) chapter downloads (from 2004 to 2019)
  • We invited this year h-index>40 researchers and visionary papers which helps us to achieve the points for an A-level conference. EuroSPI is currently rated B in a scale of A to D by the international rating agency for research conferences. Our competitors in SPI have not even achieved D level. So lets build on this.
  • We have managed to publish another Wiley journal this year based on 2018, the invitation for the next Wile journal comes.
  • Leading workshops at EuroSPI achieved 30+ attendees.
  • The SPI workshop managed to come up with an update idea of the SPI manifesto. We will collect new examples, the best 3 will get a free entrance to EuroSPI 2020, we have support from the manifesto editorial from DEnmark for this.
  • The traceability workshop was joined by more major (large supplier) industry and the team decided to continue, next year will be the focus on the tools and their integration for ALM.
  • We formed a Whatsapp group, you can join by installing the EuroSPI App on IOS or Google Play store.
  • We managed an updated EuroSPI App development with games, access o tourist info, and paperless program again.
  • etc.

Help us to continue with this and simply join.



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