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EuroSPI and EuroAsiaSPI 2020 Call for Papers, 9.-11.9.2020, Hoschschule Düsseldorf, Germany

EuroSPI and EuroAsiaSPI 2020 will take place 9.-11.9.2020, at Hochschule Düsseldorf, HSD, Germany.

EuroSPI & EuroAsiaSPI 2020 has 3 new topics and offers again 10 thematic topic streams with a mix of research and industry papers per stream. The topics are:

  1. Emerging and Multidisciplinary Approaches to Software Engineering
  2. E-Mobility, Digitalisation of Industry, Infrastructure, and E-Mobility
  3. SPI Manifesto Update - Good and Bad Practices in Improvement
  4. Functional Safety, Cybersecurity, ADAS, and SOTIF
  5. Agile and Lean
  6. International Standards and Norms and Assessment Experiences & Automotive SPICE
  7. Team Skills, Accessibility, and Diversity
  8. Innovation (New Service Models, AI, Machine Learning)
  9. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  10. New Proposals/Ideas for the Future


The EuroSPI & EuroAsiaSPI 2020 Key Notes are online.

The EuroSPI & EuroAsiaSPI 2020 social events are online.

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