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Capability Adviser Assessment Portal Release 8.1 Available

We are happy to announce the Capability Adviser Release 8.1
The release includes many improvements as well as new functionality:
- Document your assessment notes in separate fields as strength, weaknesses and suggestion/improvements
- Notes are saved automatically, no worries that notes get lost
- Improved Benchmarking functionality to compare and analyse assessment results and determine which practices need a general improvement
- Improved Assessment Report with Evidence list export
- Deactivating Assessors, which are not any more active, assessments still include all their ratings and notes
- Set assessments to read-only in order to archive them
- Automatic generate your iNTACS log after the assessment
The Capability Adviser is a web based team assessment tool, supporting Automotive SPICE(r) 3.1, VDA Guidelines, joint assessments, assessment reports and much more.
Visit the Capability Adviser product page , the portal site release 8.1.
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