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First ECQA Certified Cybersecurity Engineer Course, Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

The SOQRATES working party has teams for functional safety, ASICE, cybersecurity, and in future for machine learning. The group for cybersecurity cooperates since 2019 for the development of an integrated view of ASPICE ad cybersecurity. In 2020 a team from TU Graz, ISCN, AVL, msg Plaut, Elektrobit representatives planned to develop a training for a cybersecurity engineer. The EU Blueprint project for automotive DRIVES at the same time developed a skills set for a cybersecurity engineer, cybersecurity manager and cybersecurity tester. In addition the TU Ostrava with further security partners applied for an EU project cybersecurity engineer that was granted in 2020. All these forces then worked together and came out with a first release of an ECQA Certified Cybersecurity Engineer Training. The certificate is issued  by the ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association).

The training was the held at one of the SOQRATES partners and feedback is sued for further refinement. The EU project cyber-eng will provide further resources to develop the materials in 2021 - 2022.

ISCN is WP3 lead of DRIVES, core partner in the cyber eng project, and moderator of SOQRATES. Below you see what best practice work product results have been created ad are assigned in the development V model. Each numbered set of work products has a template and an example and an exercise in the course.





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