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EuroSPI Academy Launched, an Online Training Academy for ECQA and iNTACS Related Courses

We started already in 2020 with the development of a EuroSPI strategy that includes a conference series (www.eurospi.net, since 28 years now), a working group of leading industry, research and experts (soqrates.eurospi.net), and now a training academy with certified courses and certified job roles (academy.eurospi.net).

There is a cooperation between the DRIVES learning compass (EU Blueprint project for automotive in the Erasmus+ programme of the EU) portal with MOOCs (free available massive open online courses) and the EuroSPI academy. While automotive industry can attend free shrt courses in DRIVES for the top 20 new required skills, in the EuroSPI academy the courses forthe professional level with trainer interaction and certificates from iNTACS/VDA and ECQA are being integrated.

Due to Covid we developed in cooperation with leading universities like TU Graz a concept of Moodle based online courses, online tools, available online materials, exercises and references and use that in the training delivery. This resulted in a full blown success.

In DRIVES we have after some 4 months of operation ca. 800 trainees now.

In the EuoSPI academy courses in such a short period already 217 trainees from world leading industry and research have registered and attended courses.

In future we develop a EuroSPI integrated strategy with even more tools, we e.g. developed now an App on Apple IOS and Android platform that will connect with messaging, and notification functions and more the community around the conference, academy and working groups. Lets work together to build a successful European strategy.



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