SPI Manifesto


Manifest – What`s that?

A ‘manifest’ makes things clear and obvious or evident. This manifest gives expression to state-of-the-art knowledge on SPI. It is based on hundreds of person-years of practice and experience from organisations world-wide.

SPI Manifesto - The Foundation

In September 2009 a group of experts in Software Process Improvement (SPI) from all over the world gathered in connection with the EuroSPI Conference for a workshop at Universidad de Alcalá in Spain.
EuroSPI's mission is to develop an experience and knowledge exchange platform for Europe where SPI practices can be discussed and exchanged and knowledge can be gathered and shared. At the workshop 15 experts presented their ‘wisdom’ grounded in many years of process improvement experience. Based on the presentations, 30 workshop participants brainstormed core values and principles specifically for process improvement. Via affinity analysis and group thinking exercises we ended up with a manifesto for SPI.
At the end of the workshop 4 values and 14 principles were identified. Among the group of participants, authoring responsibilities were distributed on a voluntary basis backed by personal justification. Some values and principles were focused on by more then one volunteer.

3 Values and 10 Principles

SPI Manifesto   The SPI Manifesto - kick off at EuroSPI2 2009 conference in Alcala, Spain

SPI Manifesto - The Future

From 2010 onwards the SPI Manifesto will be linked with the experience libraries to create a unique world wide available SPI body of knowledge based on a manifesto in the center and more than 800 attached industry and research reports with implementation knowledge.

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