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Capability Adviser

Capability Adviser

The Capability Adviser supports Automotive SPICE™ and ISO 15504 Team Assessments over the Intra-/Internet, creates Profiles, Assessment Reports and integrates Learning Management Systems to distribute already established best practices in the company.

  • Intranet and Internet Solution
  • Operating System Independent (Linux, Windows etc.)
  • No Limitation in the Number of Assessments, Projects or Assessors
  • Multiuser System
  • Interactive Help
  • Rating and Comments on Indicator Level
  • Process Tailoring
  • Evidence Collection
  • Assessment Profiles and Attributes
  • Benchmarking
  • Collaboration of Assessors
  • Online Review of Evidences through Assessors
  • Knowledge-Database
  • Generation of Microsoft Word© and Adobe PDF© Assessment Reports
  • Export of Assessment Results and Comments to Microsoft Excel© and Microsoft Word©
  • Export of Attribute and Profile Ratings to Adobe PDF© and Microsoft Excel©
  • Reuse of Assessment Results and Evidences
  • Import/Export of Assessments
  • Generation of Assessment Reports in Microsoft Word© und Adobe PDF©
  • Integrated Automotive & Safety (IEC 61508/ISO WD 26262) SPICE Assessment Approach
  • Cross-References to ISO 9001


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Main Advantage

The Capability Adviser works as a SQL database system and all assessment findings, and reports are stored in a central server database. This allows to build corporate wide benchmarking and knowledge databases. Also the Capability Adviser supports through virtual team views the early consolidation of results and led to only 2 hour consolidation sessions per project assessment, whereas before this took between 4 to 8 times more effort. In the latest system release Capability Adviser becomes an information and learning tool for all work places affected by SPICE. Also Capability Adviser comes in different sizes and the smallest portal is affordable even for small companies


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