EU Project InnoTeach Kick Off Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia 3.-4.10.2016

ISCN has developed the innovation manager training program in the EU project ORGANIC (2005 - 2007) as the prime. This project formed the basis for various further initiatives led by different universities and national training bodies (Researcher - Entepreneur in 2010 - 2011 led by Grenoble INP in France, I2E Idea to Enterprise 2012 - 2014 led by RPIC-VIP in Czech Republic, and mow InnoTeach led by Koronoa in Slovenia 2015 - 2017).

In InnoTeach the innovation principles (ability to analyse and solve problems, ability to network knowledge etc.) will be included from primary school to secondary school level and then connect to the university (where we already implemented ResEUr).

The vision is build on the ability of the youth to build our innovative future.

The kick off meeting took place at a school in Ljubljana, Slovenia with a core group of teachers from Slovenia, Hungry, and Austria.

 InnoTeach Team

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