What is ECQA

ECQA stands for European Certification and Qualification Association. You find the ECQA web site  here.

ECQA defined a job role based qualification strategy for Europe. A person in a company can play more than one job role and often existing employees need to upgrade thekr skills to fulfil a further job role. e.g. a system architect becoming also a safety engineer, to be able to produce a system architecture with a safety concept.

ECQA applies defined certification and exam processes.

  • Skills set: For each new job role a defined set of skills and learning outcomes are described in form of a skills tree (skills set definition). ECQA provides templates and certification rules for that.
  • Certification of a training material: ECQA certifies training material to cover a defined skills set for a given job role. Training bodies across Europe can use their own training material as long as they cover all learning outcomes of the skills set.
  • Evidence based skills assessment: ECQA provides an infrastructure to register as a learner, to upload evidences from work experiences and link that to specific skills elements and learning outcomes. Assessors log into the system and assess the uploaded evidences. In case of a positive assessment a certificate is given.
  • Computer based exams: ECQA configures multiple choice tests per job role and exams can be organised. In case of a positive exam a certificate is given.
  • Certified trainer: ECQA provides templates and defined procedures to certify trainers for specific job roles.
  • Certified training body: ECQA provides templates and defined procedures to certify training bodies for specific job roles.
  • Job role committee: For each job role a European/International Committee is formed to maintain the skills set and the exam questions.

Relationship between ECQA and ISCN

ISCN was the project coordinator of the first EU project that created the certification procedures (EQN - European Quality Network, 2005 - 2007, LLP Program) and based on that the ECQA has been founded. The board of the ECQA association includes a pesident and 2 vice presidents, and ISCN is the vice president for the certification technology platform.

Also ISCN is a certified training body for a number of ECQA certified job roles.

Annual ECQA Days

Since 2016 the ECQA days are part of the annual EuroSPI conference, and many contributions in the international workshops at EuroSPI are coming from ECQA members

EuroSPI is acting as a think tank to consider new job roles for Europe and to form further training debelopment partnerships, while ECQA provides the Europe wide certification framework.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the annual EuroSPI conference where you can meet the ECQA members and board directors.

This year the conference is in Düsseldorf, Germany, 9.-11. September 2020, hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf.




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