EuroSPI (European Systems and Software Process Improvement and Innovation)

What EuroSPI² is doing ...

EuroSPI²'s mission is to develop an experience and knowledge exchange platform for Europe where SPI practices can be discussed and exchanged and knowledge can be gathered and shared. This mission is implemented by 5 major action lines:

  1. An annual EuroSPI² conference series supported by leading industry and research from different EU countries.
  2. Establishing a set of books and journals and by that establishing a knowledge library for process and product improvement.
  3. Establishing an SPI Manifesto emphasizing that assessments are only a starting point and more important is the improvement program to really achieve improvements.
  4. Establishing a board of representatives for the SPI manifesto world wide, and establishing social media groups connecting with the community.
  5. Establishing a European Qualification Framework for a pool of professions related with SPI and management. This is supported by European certificates, exam systems, and online training platforms, as well as by strategic Eu prorams like DRIVES and ALBATTS.


EuroSPI² Key Notes and Interviews Online

EuroSPI² started a social media initiative where leading industry and leading speakers key notes are published online. Listen to key ideas about how to implement and drive assessments and improvement in the future.


EuroSPI² Social Media Online

EuroSPI² 2020 Conference

The 28th annual Euro(asia)SPI 2021 Conference will take place from 1. September - 3. September 2021 in Krems, Austria and will be hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Krems.




The next EuroSPI² conference will be held from 01.09.-03.09.2021 at University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria

See you soon at EuroSPI 2021!





History and Tradition since 1994 ...

EuroAsiaSPI'2020 Conference - 09-11.09.2020, Düsseldorf, Germany

EuroAsiaSPI'2019 Conference - 18-20.9.2019, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

EuroAsiaSPI'2018 Conference - 5.-7.9.2018, Tecnalia, Bilbao, Spain

EuroAsiaSPI'2017 Conference - 6.-8.9.2017, Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

EuroAsiaSPI'2016 Conference - 14.-16.9.2016, Graz University of Technology, Austria

EuroAsiaSPI'2015 Conference - 29.9.-1.10.2015, Ankara University, Turkey

EuroSPI'2014 Conference - 25. - 27. June 2014, Tudor Institute, Luxembourg

EuroSPI'2013 Conference - 25. - 28. June 2013, Dundalk, Ireland

EuroSPI'2012 Conference - 25. - 27. June 2012, Vienna, Austria

EuroSPI'2011 Conference - 27. - 29. June 2011, Roskilde, Denmark

EuroSPI'2010 Conference  - Process Improvement and Innovation must get people actively involved, affect their daily activities, is what you do to make business succeed, and is inherently linked with continuous change - 1. - 3. September 2010, Grenoble, France

EuroSPI'2009 Conference - Systems and SW Process Improvement Practice and Case Studies - Lessons to be Learned - 2. -4. September 2009, Alcala de Hernares (Madrid), Spain

EuroSPI'2008 Conference - Experiences with the Implementation of Methods and Techniques for Improvement and Innovation and Related Benefits in the Organisation - 3. - 5. September 2008, Dublin, Ireland

EuroSPI'2007 Conference - Success Factors with SPI in a Global Competitive Environment - New Research, Methods and Experiences - 26. - 28. September 2007, Potsdam, Germany

EuroSPI'2006 Conference - How to become more successful with SPI - New research, methods and experiences - 11. - 13. October 2006, Joensuu, Finland

EuroSPI'2005 Conference - Process Improvement Methodologies and Technologies, Business Strategies, Human Factors, Knowledge, and Innovation - 9. - 11. November 2005, Budapest, Hungary

EuroSPI'2004 Conference - Process Improvement Methodologies and Technologies, Business Strategies, Human Factors, Knowledge, and Innovation - 10. - 12. November 2004, Trondheim, Norway

EuroSPI'2003 Conference - Process Improvement Methodologies and Technologies, Business Strategies, Human Factors, Knowledge, and Innovation University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Graz, Austria - 10. - 12. December 2003

EuroSPI'2002 Conference - Process Improvement, Methodologies, Technologies, Cultural Factors, and Knowledge Nuremberg, Germany, 18. -  20. September 2002

EuroSPI'2001 Conference - Combination of Methodologies, Tools, and Cultural Factors - Limerick, Ireland, 10. - 12. October 2001

EuroSPI'2000 Conference - Practical and Innovation Based Software Process Improvement to Prepare for the New Millenium, Copenhagen, Denmark, 7. - 9. November 2000

EuroSPI'99 Conference - Learn from the Past - Experience the Future, Pori, Finland, 25. - 27. October 1999

EuroSPI'98 Conference - How to reap the business benefit from Software Process Improvement, Gothenburg, Sweden, 16. - 18. November 1998

ISCN'97 Conference - Co-operation and Business opportunities for, Eastern/Western European Countries in the IT field, Budapest, Hungary, 11. - 12. November 1997

ISCN'96 (SP 96) - Practical Improvement of Software Processes and Products, Brighton, England, 2. - 6. December 1996

ISCN'95 Conference - Arcotel Wimberger, Vienna, Austria, 11. - 12. September 1995

ISCN'94 Conference - Dublin, Ireland


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