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Capability Adviser - Web based Assessment Tool

The Capability Adviser supports Automotive SPICE™ , VDA Guidelines, and ISO 15504 Team Assessments over the Intra-/Internet, creates Profiles, Assessment Reports and integrates Learning Management Systems to distribute already established best practices in the company. The Capability Adviser can be ordered in three different options:

(1) Raspberry Server - portable assessment server, you place in the middle and the assessment team connects by WLAN offered by the Raspberry.

(2) Company Server - installed as a central server in a company with administration of all assessors, assessments, supporting team assessments across the company, and allowing benchmarking.

(3) Laptop License - installed on your laptop for assessments. It runs as a server on your laptop, other assessors can connect to your laptop via a router. The same software is used like a company server, only corporate wide server specific and benchmarking functions are tailored.

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Learning Compass Learning Compass

Learning platforms for Online Training

ISCN has established (1) an online campus system for European certification bodies, (2) ISCN manages the learning portals for a European strategy project under the supervision of the ACEA (DRIVES) with a pool of leading training courses for the Automotive industry. This learning platform will be extended until end of 2020 and finally contain 30 qualifications for the Automotive industry 2030 vision. Also ISCN is currently establishing the online campus of the EuroSPI Academy where e.g. the iNTACS certified Provisional Assessor Course for Automotive SPICE (c) can be attended online. In case of interest contact your training systems expert.

EuroSPI/ASA Skill & Exam Portal

ISCN is the main technology provider for the EuroSPI/ASA Skill & Exam Portal and Certificates. Skills and exam portals are systems supporting specific job role based training programs on EU level, on educational academia level or in training programs of large corporations. The system allows to configure a skills set for a profession, together with exams and learning materials. It supports skills browsing, online training (multimedia), and skills assessment and computer based exams with automatic corrections more...

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App for Green Events

App Development on IOS and Android

ISCN has established a green and paper less EuroSPI conference strategy, where since 3 years an EuroSPI App is developed which allows to access the program, mark highlights, play a game, etc. If you plan paperless events where instead of a printed program local info, etc. you use a modern App, you can contact ISCN.

Metrics Tools Development in Partnership with Scovecco

ISCN has a cooperation agreement with Scovecco s.r.o. and in a number of improvement projects developed an export from tools like Clearquest, RTC, JIRA and generates by a pool of Excel macros level 2 metrics for Automotive SPICE.

Planning Tools Development

ISCN developed a library which allows to connect RTC, Clearquest, JIRA etc. to MS Project and thus provide an integrated planning of tasks and schedules including effort views required by Automotive SPICE.




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