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EuroSPI 2021 Conference at IMC FH Krems, 1-3 September 2021, was a great success.

In 2020 we created a new concept of a hybrid conference where people can attend online (connected using streaming, MS Teams, and set up of micros, cameras, and sound technology) and onsite. WE created an atmosphere where people onsite and online collaborated effectively. The conference had top key nos from Volkswagen, VALEO, ACEA (DRIVES Blueprint), Austrian VR/AR research by FH Krems, and a social key note from ProHeritage. And we had 55 contributions and 9 active workshops.

The TechDay on 30.8. had around 50 online attendees, and the conference had 1.-3.9. 140 active attendees, from which 70 were onsite and 70 were online connected.

We continued with the leading book series in SPRINGER and also announced and gave access to an open access journal for cybersecurity in automotive.

We published a special issue in a Q2 rated J.UCS journal for automotive cybersecurity, this is an open access journal and you can access the articles from here.

Please note down important dates for 2022:

EuroSPI 2022 will take place in Salzburg, Austria, hosted by the PMU (Paracelsus Medical University).

Conference Date: 31.8. – 2.9.2022

Free Online TechDay 29.8.2022

Paper submission: 8.4.2022

Some impressions of 2021:

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