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EuroSPI Working Group in ASA Automotive Skills Alliance, founded in cooperation with ACEA, CLEPA, 28.1.2022

ASA - IT Processes Improvement Working Group

Position Statement:

The future homologation of vehicles requires an increasing coverage of standards to fulfill the state of the art in electronic and software. The ASA IT Processes Improvement working group plans to support and disseminate the best practices, job roles and training related to those new and constantly increasing IT standards.

International automotive standards represent a big portion of the OEM specific quality requirements for tier 1 suppliers to work in the automotive industry, there is a need to focus on those related skills/job roles  to empower the automotive suppliers in those standards which became very critical for the automotive ecosystem.

Example of related norms (there are more):

  • Automotive SPICE
  • Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity
  • ISO 26262
  • ISO 21434
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • HAD Vehicle SW
  • etc.


It’s a  community supported by EuroSPI & EG-SPICE communities  under the ASA WG3.4 IT Sub Group for International Automotive Standards For System & SW Development.
The workgroup is moderator by the EuroSPI ambassadr for ASA, Samer Sameh, from VALEO and supported by Dr Richard Messnarz (chair of EuroSPI).

The Automotive associations such as ACEA, CLEPA, etc. are members of the ASA.

Main mission is to:

  • Study the impact of those emerging standards on the existing Job Roles & Skills, propose update or new Job Roles & Skills
  • Network and harness possible training courses in this area, initiate or create new training courses (the group is composed of industry, but also training and education providers, etc.)
  • Support the recognition of the Job Roles & Skills and training courses achievements by using ASA EU-wide DB, related and relevant tools (e.g. EuroSPI Academy)
  • Support of the good practice sharing

How to join:

  • The membership is for free.
  • For one organisation more than one member is allowed.
  • The minimum mandatory effort is estimated to participate in one meeting per month.
  • Depending on the interest sub-groups can be formed to elaborate joined best practices and skills definitions.
  • A list of promoted courses and certificates will be established and promoted in the entire European automotive sector.
  • Joined further EU funding options for the sub-working groups will be analysed.
  • The work in the working groups is volunteer based and mot paid. However, the authorship will be listed and partners sharing content will be listed as authors/owners of the material.
  • Since the mission is to support the entire European automotive industry in general, the materials will be made available to the ASA including all related automotive manufacturer and supplier associations.

Membership is possible as an organisation or as a person.

To declare your interest to join the working group please send an email to the WG coordinating team:




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