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Project Meeting ALBATTS in Skelleftea, SWeden, ISCN part of EU Blueprint ALBATTS, 30.5.-1.6.2022

The European Union prepares strategies to build new electric giga factories and services that make Europe more indepent from energy providers outside Europe. ALBATTS develops a Europe wide skills strategy with job roles, skills profiles, training strategies best practices and training that will empower ehosns to set up giga factories for LIthium battery production and related applications (e.g. automotive).

ISCN is core partner and is task lead for the packaging of sills into first courses. Also ISCN as service provider of the DRIVES LearnCompass (EU Blueprint DRIVES under ACEA leadership) will integrate battery related skills courses into the leraning system. And ISCN deelops the safety module in the course.

In Skelleftea the team was invited by Northvolt to visit the plant and include in the strategy the skills needs by the partner (Northvolt is partner of ALBATTS).


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