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In 2003 with the support of the Bavarian software initiative the working party SOQRATES has been founded to work on best practices for the  implementation of ISO 15504 and Automotive SPICE. Later the working group has been extended to work on functional safety related best practices (ISO 26262, IEC 61508) and cybersecurity related best practices (ISO 21434, SAE J3061).

ISCN was together with Methodpark a nominated moderator in 2003, and since 2004 (when government funding ended) the partnership maintained the working group and ISCN became the moderator.

Meanwhile there are ca. 50 members (experts from leading automotive and electronics industry) who have signed NDA agreements on behalf of their companies to join the group.

See the current partnership.

Principles of Cooperation

In the working group we share best practices about the use of methods, standards, and tools, and how to successfully and practically implement Automotive SPICE, functional safety, cybersecurity, traceability, etc. Partners share examples and the group agrees what is best practice.

Also SOQRATES cooperates with EuroSPI to share their experiences and by publishing the own views in a SPRINGER book that is read world wide (currently 365000 downloads in all continents over the world) the partnership declares this as a state of the art.

See current working groups.

International Workshops by SOQRATES

SPQRATES organises annually international workshops at EuroSPI with partners in the lead:

Topic: E-Mobility, Digitilisation of Industry, Infrastructure, and E-Mobility

Topic: Functional Safety, Cybersecurity, ADAS, and SOTIF

Topic: International Standards and Norms and Assessment Experiences & Automotive SPICE

How to join

Meanwhile SOQRATES (17 years after the start) has organized 54 general meetings where working groups shared their knowledge and you can join by contacting one of the existing members. In one of the general meetings your interest will be reviewed and in case no conflict of interest is identified you will be invited.

The working party speaks German, so we assume that you are capable of speaking German in SOQRATES community. For the English community ISCN maintains the EuroSPI community.


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