iNTACS™ Certified ISO/IEC 15504 Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE©) Course    German

The 5-day Automotive SPICE® Assessor Training Course is designed specifically for providing IT professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct software process assessments according to ISO 15504 Automotive SPICE - Process Assessment. The course bases on the latest revisions to the ISO 15504 and Automotive SPICE framework.



As a result of attending the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Navigate the five parts of ISO 15504
  • Understand Automotive SPICE;
  • Understand and explain the use of software process assessment;
  • Develop a procedure for conduction 15504-conformant assessments;
  • Assemble and brief an assessment team;
  • Plan and conduct assessments using the assessment model in ISO 15504-5;
  • Present the results of assessment to the assessed organisation;
  • This course is approved by the International Assessor Certification Scheme and meets the training requirements for individuals seeking recognition as an ISO 15504 Provisional Assessor or ISO 15504 Assessor under the Scheme.

Language: English and German

Course length: 5 days 


Course fee: € 2.500,- per participant (VAT excluded)


Delegates who demonstrate satisfactory performance throughout the course and pass the final examination are awarded a Certificate of Achievement. This certificate demonstrates the necessary training requirement has been met such that delegates are eligible to submit an application for recognition as an Automotive SPICE Provisional Assessor or Assessor. The certificate cost will be charged extra by the VDA-QMC (German Automotive Association – Quality Management Centre), which is recognised by INTACS™ (International Assessor Certification Scheme). 


Training date:

on request

In-house trainings:



Training Program

Practice Time:

5 days, 9.00 - 17.00

Maximum Number of Participants:

12 participants per training

Course Schedule

Training Day 1

  • Process Assessment Concepts
  • ISO 15504 and Automotive SPICE Architecture: Components and Relationships
  • First Exercise – Case Study - Material Review
  • Relationships to other standards

Training Day 2

  • The Process Dimension
  • The Process Categories and Processes
  • Second Exercise – Case Study - Level 1 Assessment
  • The Capability Dimension: Capability Levels and Process Attributes

Training Day 3

  • The Measurement Framework: Process Profiles and Capability Level ratings
  • Third Exercise – Case Study - Level 3 Assessment
  • Result Presentation
  • The Assessment Process

Training Day 4

  • Interview Techniques
  • Fourth Exercise – Case Study - Level 3 Assessment
  • Fifth Exercise - Role Play - Interviews
  • Rating Exercise

Training Day 5

  • Sixth Exercise – Case Study - Reporting
  • Case study feedback
  • Process Capability Determination and Process Improvement
  • Examination



The course contains a mixture of lectures and practical exercises. Students learn to implement SPICE based on a case study.


The course material is in English.

The course is offered in English and German.


The course fee is € 2.500,- per participant (VAT excluded). The course feed includes training material, lunch and drinkes (coffee etc.).

Based on a price to be agreed, the usual price for in-house trainings is approx. € 10.000,- (VAT excluded).


Certification and Examination

A certification and exam fee of € 450,- will be additionally invoiced by the VDA (German Automotive Association).



Target group

  • Software managers and practitioners interested in Software Process Improvement using SPICE
  • Software engineering process group (SEPG) members who are doing software process improvement
  • Quality Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Division Managers

Training dates





on request


In-house trainings:
If you are interested in an in-house training, please contact us and we will organise a training in your company. Based on a price to be agreed, the usual price for in-house courses is approx. € 10.000,- (VAT excluded).



Adrienne Clarke, BA


+353 1 205 00 20

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